Old Fort Point

Today was the last day of our stay in Jasper. We decided to wake up early to hike around Old Fort Point. It was a short but peaceful trail with lots of sceneries to take in. We also encountered a herd of bighorn sheep resting in the area. They were not bothered by our presence at all (obviously we didn't get too close). It was a great morning hike to reflect back on the journey.

Since our plan was to go to Calgary today, we would have the opportunity to drive through the Icefields Parkway again. We were amazed by how different the drive was this time round. The first time we drove through it, it was cold and cloudy. Today it was sunny and warm. Driving in both directions also gave us different perspectives of the mountain too.

Sunwapta Falls

Sunwapta Falls (Image by author)
Sunwapta Falls (Image by author)

We first stopped by the Sunwapta Falls. It was an interest because it was the only falls that we were able to get really up close. The viewing area was quite small and it's a good place to let the kids stretch their legs as part of the journey.

Parker Ridge

Parker Ridge (Image by author)
Parker Ridge (Image by author)

After Sunwapta Falls, we continued our journey and arrived at Parker Ridge. Parker Ridge was highly recommended by our friends as a perfect place to hike. Unfortunately, in this time of the year, there was still snow on the trail and the ground was rather muddy. The hike was tough for everyone, especially the kids. Although my sons complained along the way, they all made it to the top at the end. I was proud of them. At the top, we could see the glacier and a blue lake. It was a beautiful scene. The hike took us more than 3 hours. At the end, we were all tired.


After the hike, we drove straight to Calgary. We did miss a turn on the highway and entered British Columbia briefly. Luckily, we found an exit to turn back in about 15 mins.

When we were in Calgary, it was already dinner time. We drove to the T&T Supermarketand did some shopping. We found that the T&T Supermarket here was not as good as the ones in Toronto. The meat and the vegetables didn’t look fresh. Luckily there was a Vietnamese noodle restaurant right inside the same mall. We had some comfy pho and rest for the night.