Calgary Downtown

We initially wanted to go to the Dinosaur Provincial Park today. However, the weather report said that there would be more thunderstorms today along the way. I was still recovering from the intense driving condition yesterday that I couldn’t bring myself to do it again.

After much deliberation, we decided to give up the $100 tour reservation and spent the day in Calgary Downtown instead.

Devonian Garden

We went to see the skywalk Plus 15 and the Devonian Garden. They were both located in downtown. The garden was beautiful and the mall itself was spacious. After the kids had spent some time in the indoor playground in the garden, we drove to Big T BBQ for lunch. Alberta was famous of both BBQ and steaks. The BBQ was good but there was too much meat for us. We had brisket, ribs, pull pork, smoked chicken, and poutine. We couldn’t finish it all and had to take out the chicken.

I was just worrying about what to do with so much meat because we still had a slice of rib-eye in the fridge. As we were leaving the restaurant, a female beggar asked for money. Without hesitation, I offered her the half chicken and she gladly accepted it. I was glad that the problem was solved in a way that benefited both of us.

Prince's Island Park

After a short break in the airbnb, we went to the Prince’s Island Park for a walk. There was a pretty big kids playground and our sons enjoyed it. When it started to rain again, we headed home and play D&D for the rest of the night.

Last day

This is the last day we spent in Alberta. We felt fufilled and in awe of God's creation.