Cup Noodles Museum

Believe it or not, this museum was one of the most anticipated museums for our kids. The fact that you could make your own cup noodles and eat it later was fascinating. The musuem exhibits showcased the history of cupnoodles and its inventor, Momofuku Ando. The message brought about by the musuem was one of innovation and perseverance.

The museum was free but a small fee was required if you want to make your own cupnoodles.

Manhole cover

The city of Ikeda was so proud of instant noodles that some of its manhole covers were decorated with the mascot of Nissin's Chicken Ramen.

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

We were surprised when we saw the replica of ancient buildings inside the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, which was located inside a very modern building. It was Japan's first museum dedicated to the history and culture of living.

A replica of a late Edo period city was reconstructed inside the museum. If it fancies your imagination, you can also rent a kimono (for a very reasonable price) there to take pictures.

You can also learn a lot by going through the well curated exhibits. The exhibits shows Osaka's development through different periods of its history. Some of its models were amazingly detailed and life like.