Tsukiji Market

Sashimi Vendor at Tsukiji Market (Image by author)

The Tsukiji Market had changed a lot since the last time we visited. There was no longer a fish auction market. What hasn't changed is that you can still find very good and affordable seafood there.

Some of the restaurants we tried were:

Cremia Softcream

If you haven't tried the famous Cremia Softcream yet, there are a couple of vendors inside the Tsukiji Nippon Fish Port Market. It was very creamy and deep in flavor. It is a must try dessert in Japan.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower from afar (Image by author)

Our last stop for the day was the Tokyo Tower. Today was rainy and gloomy. So, we didn't go up to the observation deck. Instead, we found a popular souvenir store called [TOKIO333] on the 2nd level. Inside the shop, you can find KitKat of all imaginable of flavours and the local favorite, Tokyo Banana.

Today was also our last day in Japan. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would definitely miss it. Tomorrow, we would be heading to Taiwan and experience an utterly different culture.