National Taiwan Museum

National Taiwan Museum. Hokutolite (Image by author)

The National Taiwan Museum provides a high-level overview of Taiwanese history, specifically its natural history. The exhibition is divided into three major sections: The Path to Discovery, Taiwan’s New Scopes, and The Past is the Future. We learned that in the early days of Japanese occupation, there were quite a few Japanese who came to Taiwan to explore and learn about this land.

For example, Ushinosuke Mori, an anthropologist, and a folklorist explored the rural areas of Taiwan and studied the indigenous tribes. Also, there was information about plant collectors like Takiya Kawakami and zoologists like Yonetaro Kikuchi. We also learned about Hokutolite, the only mineral that was named after a town in Taiwan.

Discovery Center of Taipei

Kids friendly interactive display (Image by author)

The Discovery Center of Taipei features exhibits on Tapei's development history and cultural heritage. The exhibits were more interactive and kids friendly.