Yangtze River (长江)

The Chongqing city had been divided by the Yangtze River for a very long time. In the old days, boats were the main transportation between the two sides. Later on, the city built a gondola and it became the primary mode of transportation. Nowadays, there are bridges and subways and the gondola became a tourist attraction. Riding on the gondola offers a stunning overhead view of the iconic river. I was amazed by how wide the river was and how fast it was flowing. Building anything above the river is a major fleet of engineering and skill.

To avoid the crowd, I recommend you to board the gondola on the this end of the river [Google Maps] [高德地图]. Otherwise, expect to wait for over an hour.

Three Gorges Museum (重庆中国三峡博物馆)

You don't need to go to the Three Gorges to learn about its history. The Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing provides ample details about the gorges and their historical and scientific significance. The museum was quite large and you could expect to see the followings on display:

  1. The Three Gorges's history and scientific significance
  2. The ancient Bayu culture (early history of Chongqing)
  3. Modern Chongqing history, especially during the China civil war
  4. Chongqing's role in the Anti-Japanese War (1937–1945)

Besides the above, there were art displays such as paintings, calligraphy, and procelain. Overall, I liked this musuem and would recommend anyone who visit Chongqing to include this in their trip.

Hongyadong (洪崖洞)

Hongyadong (洪崖洞) must be visited at night time to fully appreciate its beauty. When the sun is gone, the picturesque town comes to life with well designed artificial lights around every single building. Getting into the area requires a bit of line up. You also need to download a WeChat mini program (QR code is displayed along the queue) to get the electronic ticket. Inside the town, you can use the elevator to go up and down the town. Most likely, however, you will have to use the stairs because the elevator is always crowded and slow.

As one of the towns that resembles the town in Spirited Away, Hongyadong is also worth a visit for any anime fan.

There are lots of restaurants around the area. We had the most amazing hotpot there.